Open House


Consider Civic Friaryship

With a desire for prayer, men and women everywhere are seeking something deeper in their lives by the work they do, the places of Community and Church connections, and the friendships in Christ that are both signposts and gifts of a concrete path towards Heaven. You may be a perfect candidate for joining us as a fellow Civic Friar! We host several “Come, See & Taste Open House” days throughout the year.

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We are happy to provide information for very reasonable lodgings at nearby hotels in and around the Boston area, and if we get to know you well enough through a pre-application process, we can be very accomodating through a network of friends and families who support and/or are part of our community. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss things with us in advance, and we will be happy to address and accomodate your needs accordingly. Our telephone number is +1.781-C-FRIARS [+1.781.237.4277].

If you already live in the Greater Boston area, do not hesitate to give us a call to meet with us, visit our Headquarters to join us in prayer and a meal together. Our telephone number is +1.781-C-FRIARS [+1.781.237.4277].

Look at the Calendar

Upcoming and/or past events may be listed right now on the Calendar of this website. Please take a look to consider contacting us about questions and/or information you may wish to have addressed.

Open to All

We are universally accepting of all who apply to consider their plea for friendship in Christ through prayer and fellowship. The Civic Friary and its School of Monastic Cooking do not discriminate against any member, applicant or student on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin.

The Civic Friary is accessible by public transportation. We have direct connections from AMTRAK Trains and Logan International Airport to a convenient MBTA Bus Stop directly in front of our Boston location.

Applicants for an Open House Day or Weekend visit should contact us directly.

Please feel free to either email us at [email protected] and/or call us at our Headquarters at +1 (781) C-FRIARS [+1.781.237.4277].


All applicants are offered one free meal at the Civic Friary