School of Monastic Cooking

The Civic Friary's School of Monastic CookingTM offers a Seven Course Curriculum:

  • Food Safety Management *
  • Spiritual Formation in the Workplace *
  • Workshops & Field Seminars
  • Kitchen Settings and Presentation
  • Plating Theology for the New Evangelization
  • Dining, Serving and Civility
  • Friary Cooking

* These two Courses are pre-requisite for enrollment in the full curriculum.

Our Address

The Civic Friary 
69 Oak Square Avenue
Suite A
Boston, Massachusetts 02135-2683
Telephone: +1.781.C-FRIARS  [+1.781.237.4277 ]

Scheduling and Tuition

Initial Orientation Meeting and Registraton occurs on the first Monday of June, September, December & February

  • Full Curriculum Enrollment for twenty-eight months is packaged with a Multi-Course Discount
  • Courses begin with Modules starting at $199.00
  • Job Placement Assistance for each completed Module
  • Family and work study discounts available
  • Work Study/Financial Assistance options available

[email protected]

The Civic Friary and The School of Monastic Cooking do not discriminate against any member, applicant or student on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin.