School of Monastic Cooking

The Civic Friary's School of Monastic CookingTM offers a Seven Course Curriculum:

  • Food Safety Management *
  • Spiritual Formation in the Workplace *
  • Workshops & Field Seminars
  • Kitchen Settings and Presentation
  • Plating Theology for the New Evangelization
  • Dining, Serving and Civility
  • Friary Cooking

* These two Courses are pre-requisite for enrollment in the full curriculum.

Our Address

The Civic Friary 
69 Oak Square Avenue
Suite A
Boston, Massachusetts 02135-2683
Telephone: +1.781.C-FRIARS  [+1.781.237.4277 ]

Scheduling and Tuition

Initial Orientation Meeting and Registraton occurs on the first Monday of June, September, December & February

  • Full Curriculum Enrollment for twenty-eight months is packaged with a Multi-Course Discount
  • Courses begin with Modules starting at $199.00
  • Job Placement Assistance for each completed Module
  • Family and work study discounts available
  • Work Study/Financial Assistance options available

The Civic Friary and The School of Monastic Cooking do not discriminate against any member, applicant or student on the basis of race, sex, color or national origin.